Filip Backlund

Filip Backlund Filip Backlund benytter Cordona Quickshifters

I started out the season with 4 bikes, 2 for World Superstock and 2 for Pro Superbike.2 bikes had the Cordona Quickshifter and 2 had another brand of shifter.

I noticed early that with the X-brand shifter I had to really push the shifter pedal all the way down to up shift.
With the Cordona GP Switch I just touched the Shifter pedal and next gear was in, with hardly any work at all. It made it easy to go fast and up shift with very little effort.

We ended up installing Cordona Quickshifters on all my bikes. We have not touched the Shifters since installation, they have worked flawlessly all season.

Filip Backlund 
World Super Stock and Pro Suberbike Racer